How to search within the Curricula Workstation

The Curricula Workstation offers various search options, which can be combined with one another. 

Drop-down lists

In order to narrow down the search for curricula, ‘country’, ‘subject’ and ‘education level’ can be selected from drop-down menus. It is possible to make multiple selections from each list and to select all options or none. Individual selections from the drop-down menus can also be combined. The search for options selected from one list is performed using the OR search operator. This means that if Australia and Belgium are selected from the country menu, the search results will display all curricula applicable for either of those countries. Selections from different drop-down lists are combined using the search operator AND. This means that selecting Germany from the ‘country’ list and geography from the ‘subject’ list will produce results showing all curricula applicable to Germany for geography.

The curricula are sorted according to the level of education for which they apply. These are taken from the International Standard Classification for Education (ISCED) released by UNESCO in 1997. Professional qualifications can be searched for separately.

Free-text search

A free-text search within the metadata and/or the full-texts of the curricula themselves provides entirely new research possibilities.

Users can search in the lists of curricula titles by entering their own search terms and they can also conduct a full-text search of the digitised curricula. Search terms are automatically linked using the search operator AND. The * symbol can be used to truncate search terms and to replace any number of characters (for example: democra* will produce results for democracy, democratic etc.). The ? symbol replaces one character (for example: M?ier will find Maier and Meier). Placing the search term within exclamation marks will search for a complete phrase.

Combinations of drop-down lists and free-text searches are also possible.

Filtering results

After submitting a search the user is given the option to apply further filters to their search results or to reset the filter options.

Search options

Users may sort the results according to year (ascending or descending) or relevance. The number of results on the page can also be adjusted.

Accessing the curricula

After entering the required information into the search form and submitting the search the results page will list all relevant curricula available in the Curricula Workstation. Users can use the respective titles to view each result in detail.

Curricula that are available in digital form can be accessed by clicking on the PDF symbol shown in the results list.

Printed curricula will not have a PDF symbol displayed next to their titles. These can be viewed at the research library of the Leibniz Institute for Educational Media. The shelf mark number in the detailed view will help users locate the curricula within the library.


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